Posted by: konradbaumgarten | February 14, 2010

You wouldn’t see that in Europe

Via Massad Ayoob:

(…) It seems that in California, where some gun owners’ civil rights activists are demonstrating for freedom to get concealed carry permits by open-carrying unloaded handguns in public, a chain of upscale coffee shops called Peet’s banned the practice. The open carry advocates moved to a local Starbucks, which welcomed them and their guns, stating that their policy is that Starbucks coffee shops will cleave to the letter of the law. All RIGHT! (…)

Here, Mas open carries in a Starbucks in Arizona. Note that no one seems to care. Pistol is a SIG P226 9mm in an LFI Concealment Rig by Ted Blocker.


  1. FYI, in Arizona, our open-carry law allows loaded weapons. No doubt Mr. Ayoob knows this and had his SIG topped-off in the picture.

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