Posted by: konradbaumgarten | April 5, 2010

About the government’s security deceit

Halloween comes to the subways, by Fred Reed

(…) Homeland Servility as far as I know has never caught a terrorist, but TSA keeps letting them on airplanes where the passengers have to wrestle them to the deck. Ah, though:  companies get billions in contracts for erotic scanners and blast-proof trash cans and, now, brain-wave interceptors.  The Pentagon can’t whip a few bedraggled peasants in Afghanistan, but gets many hundreds fo billions for not being able to do it. Here we see the governmental principle that if you are paid to solve a problem and in fact solve it, you stop getting paid. (…)

(Read the entire text here)

Security measures hardly ever stop the evil guys but they systematically harrass the law-abiding citizens. What are they good for?


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