Posted by: konradbaumgarten | December 8, 2010

Vendetta on facebook

If, like me, you are an advocate of free speech, no matter what…

If you believe that governments around the world have become way too powerful and intrusive…

If you believe that governments are here to serve the citizen and not the other way round…

If you believe in individual rights…

If you believe that individual rights are not granted by the government but that they should merely be ratified and protected by the government…

If you are worried about the general tendency of governments around the world becoming way too powerful…

If there is a little anarchist within you…

… then you probably felt somewhat uncomfortable when you saw the man hunt against Julian Assange – even if, like me, you don’t like the guy, and if, like me, you believe that the leaking of the Iraqi and Afghan documents without previous anonymization was a big deadly mistake.

Nevertheless, Julian Assange has become a victim of governments and their servants fearing for their own little privacy and prerogatives. As you know well enough, governments seldom bother for your privacy rights when it comes to your tax money or your personal way of life. The state is everything and you are nothing if you do not comply with it and with its set of “regulations”. This has to stop sometime.

This blog, being dedicated to one of the most essential individual rights, the right to keep and bear arms, therefore suggests that people update their facebook profile as follows:

Because free speech is a god-given and natural right. Because there’s no reason why transparency shouldn’t apply to bureaucrats as they don’t bother much when violating the individual rights of their subjects (taxpayers). Because Government and its servants are too powerful anyway. And because it’s time the pendulum swings back. Don’t tread on us (Copy this and choose a Vendetta avatar even if you don’t like Assange)

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