Posted by: konradbaumgarten | January 24, 2011

De l’inspiration contre l’initiative insensée

C’est Lorenzo qui doit être content, son affiche stimule l’inspiration d’aucuns.


  1. While I support the struggle against the Anti-Weapons initiative, I find this video to be counterproductive for the following reasons:

    First: “Pedo-Bear” is not really well known outside interent culture.

    Second: This video insinuates that one should shoot pedophiles to protect the family. Something one could only rightfully do in a case of immediate bodily danger.

    Third: The dot transforms into a laser dot, someting that is illegal to obtain in Switzerland.

    Well, that’s it.

  2. Hey Able Archer, thanks, I do basically agree with your reservations, especially your second point.

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