Posted by: konradbaumgarten | February 13, 2011

We won!!

We won! It appears that 57% said no:

Voters have rejected a controversial initiative on restricting access to firearms in a nationwide ballot on Sunday.

Around 57 per cent of votes had been cast against the initiative which would have banned army-issue guns from the home, according to near-final results.

Head of the gfs.bern polling organisation, Claude Longchamp, told Swiss television the initiatve had won neither the support of the people nor the cantons. It needed both to succeed.

Partial results showed a more than half the cantons voting against the proposal. Urban region, including Geneva and Basel City both bucked the trend by approving it.

The anticipated result is a blow for supporters – a broad coalition of NGOs, trade unions, pacifists and centre-left parties.

Pollsters had predicted that the votes of women would be decisive in the ballot which challenged a Swiss tradition and aroused strong feeling among sections of the public.

Thus private gun ownership remains a reality in Switzerland. The success is a lot bigger than expected. Without a doubt this was the most important vote I have experienced so far in Switzerland. But beware: like any liberty, gun ownership is always at most a generation away from extinction. The collectivsts, the pacifists and the socialists in Switzerland and in Europe (Schengen) will still try to disarm the people in the future. MOLON LABE !

But for now: Champagne!



  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Phil Kneebone, Old Holborn. Old Holborn said: 57% of Swiss say "we'll keep our guns and the lowest crime rate in Europe thanks" […]

  2. Fantastic. A great success for our country. It seems we will remain the last stronghold of decent gun laws in Europe for a little longer…

  3. Congratulations! Thanks for your hard work and for keeping us posted. The “NGOs, trade unions, pacifists and centre-left parties” will continue to work (in increasingly coordinated fashion globally) to render us slaves, so let’s savor today’s good news as we keep fighting the good fight.

  4. Congratulations to all Swiss Citizens from the other side of the pond and the land of the gators in your backyard.

  5. Great work Konrad: You brought the message in the leftiest newspaper of the country in a great way that made some of them thinking about their position!

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