Posted by: konradbaumgarten | September 17, 2011

Security delusion

Recently, I spent a few days in a large western city. While I was standing at one of its famous squares waiting for a friend in order to have a few drinks (was a great evening, thanks!), a military patrol just walked by. A team of three men in V formation. They looked great and of course had this martial, intimidating gaze which military and police personnel like to adopt in a civilian environment. While I watched them and their weapons (the standard assault rifle in that country), something very odd struck me. Their rifles had no magazines on them! Those guys were seriously swaggering around, pretending to increase public safety, while their rifles could serve as nothing else than as a mere bayonet platform (I am not sure they had any). What a joke. Were any criminals aware of this, this would seem like an invitation to steal the assault rifles since those soldiers would not be able to oppose any real resistance. They reminded me of Robert de Niro and Jean Reno in the movie Ronin, carrying a SIG SAUER assault rifle, obviously not realizing that there is not magazine on it, making the weapon indeed useless.

While it may take a member of the Gun Culture to immediatley realize such flaws, this appears as another reason to believe governments are indeed BS people on their legitimate security concerns. They would better allow their citizens to carry arms, as it ought to be the case in a genuinely free society.

Images from the 1998 movie Ronin with Robert de Niro and Jean Reno –  no magazine required!



  1. This is likely because citizens who did notice would be major-league upset in various ways (fear, anger, irritation, annoyance, concern about safety) if these guys were walking around loaded and locked. Likely they had magazines on them, but were not walking around with one up the spout, safeties off and fingers on triggers because they are more, and not less, OPERATOR as you suggest.

    Do you really want one mook’s brain to be the only thing between you and thirty rounds’ worth of full auto? No? I didn’t think so. Were they to come under fire from the most likely sorts of firearms they would face in the scenario you describe, there is the greatest likelihood that at least one of them would be able to take cover, affix a magazine, and call for backup and/or return fire as appropriate.

    Relax. Not everything is a conspiracy.

  2. Hey you probably were in France. Apparently we do not trust our soldiers so only officers (and petty officers when they lead a patrol) can load their weapons when walking around. Soldiers carry their mags in sealed pouches and are only allowed to load when ordered to. I agree that it’s a bit ridiculous.

  3. Very surprised that they were walking around without any magazines. Will have to keep an eye out and see if this is the case in other countries too. Good observation.

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